New Moon Manifesting
Written by Katherine Metcalf    Friday, 26 March 2010 04:10   
Spirituality & Religion

With all the waves of change taking place in the world today, you can take solace in the celestial wisdom of the ancients.


The Mesoamericans were incredible astronomers and created their calendar based on the movements of the Sun, Moon and Venus. They were very aware of the repetitive rhythms of the planets. Every 29.5 days, we experience a New Moon in a new Zodiac sign. Did you know that on that day, you can harness the energy of the moon to make new beginnings?

When the Moon aligns with the Sun in a conjunction- this is referred to as the New Moon. It is the time when we look up at the night’s sky and we can’t see the moon. The Farmers Almanac has always suggested that farmers plant seeds during the new moon as it promotes growth. They also say it is the best time to get a haircut if you want your hair to grow back fast or get a manicure to produce strong healthy nails!

Timing is very important as well; you won’t get the same results if you plant seeds in the winter as in the spring. If you use common sense and the natural energy of the season you will reap optimal results. Each month, the new moon lands in the corresponding Zodiac sign. It benefits us to use the innate energy of each sign to facilitate our wishes.

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs has traits and characteristics that are unique to that sign. Ever heard the saying “king of the jungle”? Enter Leo the lion! The Zodiac signs also correspond to specific areas of our body. If you are having challenges in that area, you can visualize a healing! 

Zodiac Sign                 Traits                                                               Body Part       

Aries                            assertive, courageous, energetic                    head

Taurus                         determined, grounded, sensual                       throat

Gemini                          articulate, flexible, witty                                   hands, lungs

Cancer                         generous, inspired, nurturing                          breasts, stomach

Leo                              creative, enthusiastic, self-confident               back, heart

Virgo                            healthy, helpful, organized,                             bowels, intestines

Libra                            balanced, diplomatic, refined                           adrenal glands, kidneys

Scorpio                         aware, disciplined, passionate                        colon; sexual organs

Sagittarius                   adventurous, friendly, honest,                         hips, thighs, liver

Capricorn                     ambitious, hard working, responsible             bones, knees, skin

Aquarius                      forthright, humanitarian, independent             circulation & lower legs

Pisces                          accepting, intuitive, peaceful                           feet, lymphatic system

There are several wonderful books written on how to harness the energy of the New Moon. My favorite is a book by Jan Spiller, called “New Moon Astrology.” She suggests writing down your intentions within the first eight hours after the occurrence and storing it away. I did it that way for a long time and it is cool to go back and see what you’ve accomplished. But, after 10 years, I decided to simplify the process. Now, I stand outside and verbalize to the universe what I already have! For instance:

If I am starting a new business and I need to get out and network and speak to people about it, I would look to see when the New Moon will be in Gemini. Gemini is blessed with the gift of gab and is a natural networker! So, the best time to kick start it would be on the New Moon of May 13th in Gemini. Instead of writing down that you intend to network, go outside and tell the world what a great networker you already are!

This month the New Moon takes place on March 15 at 2:02 pm Mountain time and resides in Pisces. What a wonderful time for the kick off of One Planet magazine! As One Planet is recognizing our connectedness, so to does Pisces!

This is the perfect time to focus on:

      §      Increasing psychic abilities, experiencing inner happiness, having compassion for others and understanding our connections with one another.

      §     Studying yoga, meditation or angelic guidance.

      §     If you are having health challenges with your feet or your lymphatic system you can tell the universe that you are now experiencing a total healing in those areas.

We are all pretty well versed on the laws of attraction thanks to the movie “The Secret.” We now know that what we think and believe becomes our reality.

Using the power of the New Moon will intensify your ability to manifest that which you desire.

Now get busy creating your wonderful life!

Kathy Metcalf will be writing a monthly column advising on the New Moon energy of the month so you can take advantage of the positive energy of all twelve months!




Katherine Metcalf

Intuitive Consultant



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