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Conscious Living - September - "Trainwreck: Spirituality"
Spirituality & Religion
Written by Annie Loyd   
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 23:30

Conscious Living Sept

Conscious Living and SpiritKeepers - as part of their  initiative to educate, inspire and empower - will partner with Shadow Rock to host "Trainwreck: Spirituality," a panel discussion featuring respected spiritual leaders in the Phoenix community on the ancient traditions of religion and how we interpret those beliefs in today's contemporary society given the impact and the ever-changing roles of church, religion and spirituality.

The 1½-hour panel discussion takes place on Tuesday, September 27 at 6:00 p.m. and will include four clergy members: Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer, Rev. Ken Heintzelman, Rev. Kate Lehman and Rev. Liana Rowe. "We will explore how we live out our dreams in the midst of seemingly chaotic spirituality and gain some insight into the oneness of humanity," offered Annie Loyd, who will moderate the panel discussion. Loyd is the founder of The Fusion Foundation, which hosts the monthly Conscious Living and SpiritKeepers events.

The panel discussion will be followed by a community new moon drum presented by Spirit Keepers of The FUSION Foundation. All are invited. No previous drumming experience is necessary. Drums, rattles and shakers will be available at community connection - Shadow Rock UCC, located at 12861 North 8th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85029.

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New Moon Drumming
Spirituality & Religion
Written by {ga=Admin}   
Monday, 06 June 2011 00:41

Presented by SpiritKeepers of The FUSION Foundation:

New Moon Drumming

July 1 at 7:30 p.m. all community members welcomed

Shadow Rock United Church of Christ
12861 N. 8th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85029
(603) 993-0050




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The Jewel Net of Indra
Spirituality & Religion
Written by {ga=Admin}   
Friday, 26 March 2010 04:13

An Andean condor, an indigo sapphire, the Gobi desert, a giant redwood, Crater Lake, the Temple of Luxor: listing all the things you see in the world could take a very long time. All we could capture by this litany of life on earth is a lengthy abstract of appearances. Then the list grows exponentially longer as we distinguish among all the individual birds, gems, temples, lakes, deserts, trees and humans. For shorthand, the Chinese philosophers called this multiplicity “the ten thousand things.” It seems as if each among the almost endless recognizable array of the ten thousand things exists separately from all else. That’s how it seems to our senses. It also seems as is every single thing we see or experience is solid. So it seems, but it’s a working illusion.

The solidity that is apparent to touch and sight may be consistent with common experience, but is at odds with particle physics. There is so much space between the atomic and subatomic particles of our bodies, for instance, that if the all that empty space were squeezed out, just a thimbleful of solid matter would remain. Why is it that when our everyday mind encounters what is predominately empty and open, it insists that it is solid? With the sense of solidity comes all the outer evidence to lead us to conclude that each of us is separate. Bodies and external objects are all distinctly separate only as grossly interpreted through the senses. Subtle sense and mind reveal a much different world.

Does our culture possess the knowledge to prove that the subtle world is more primal than gross appearances? We have Einstein’s and subsequent physicists’ work connecting matter and energy in one whole. That should be enough to unsettle solidity and separation, but proof exists only for those who are willing to prove it for themselves in the laboratory of their own experiences. The method of spiritual inquiry and cultivation by many Eastern traditions starts by revealing the great truth, then encourages each practitioner to verify the truth in the immediacy of his or her own life.

The image of the jewel net of Indra sets out the great truth. There is a vast, multi-dimensional net that stretches across the known and imagined universe. At each node of the net, there is a brilliant, multi-faceted gem. Each gem and all its facets reflects all the other gems in the vast, interconnected net. Light and reflections beam from all the facets of all the gems as endless mirrored surfaces refract and reflect one-another infinitely. What you see depends on your point of view and what relationships you are viewing. It is hard to distinguish among the dazzling reflections and their sources. The vast net is Indra’s, king of the gods, yet Indra is not outside controlling the net, but rather is somewhere inside at a gem node reflecting in all directions.

For the jewel net of Indra, holistic and simultaneous interconnection is primary. Shapes, colors, textures, and qualities dance in ever-changing complexities and durations until replaced by newer forms and energies in different arrays. What any of us experiences in the constant flow depends not on Indra’s net, but on the clarity, subtlety and breadth of our own perception. And just like Indra, we are not outside controlling the net, but positioned within at a gem node, reflecting and refracting gems both close by and distant. We are inescapably caught within Indra’s glorious web of endless interactions and infinitely shifting interconnections. It is open and empty and spontaneously active.

If we choose to refocus our perceptions, instead of seeing ten thousand things, we can behold the ever-changing flow of ten thousand inter-relationships. All the individual and separate seeming things are aggregated in layers moving from the sub-atomic to cosmic scale. All the individual things are interrelated, dynamic sets of relationships. At each level of organization, the thing we see, whether a liver, a human, a tribe, a nation, a world or greater, functions within its own order.  At each increasing scale, things are members of a whole that have different rules, processes and outcomes than things on its own level. There’s really no things at all, just endless relationships.

Any and all points on Indra’s jewel net are centers of relationships. To be a center is to be empowered to radiate through the whole. The natural state of being aware of the beauty, complexity, and dynamics of the infinite web of relationships is the mind of interdependent empowerment.

By Johndennis Govert


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New Moon Manifesting
Spirituality & Religion
Written by Katherine Metcalf   
Friday, 26 March 2010 04:10

With all the waves of change taking place in the world today, you can take solace in the celestial wisdom of the ancients.


The Mesoamericans were incredible astronomers and created their calendar based on the movements of the Sun, Moon and Venus. They were very aware of the repetitive rhythms of the planets. Every 29.5 days, we experience a New Moon in a new Zodiac sign. Did you know that on that day, you can harness the energy of the moon to make new beginnings?

When the Moon aligns with the Sun in a conjunction- this is referred to as the New Moon. It is the time when we look up at the night’s sky and we can’t see the moon. The Farmers Almanac has always suggested that farmers plant seeds during the new moon as it promotes growth. They also say it is the best time to get a haircut if you want your hair to grow back fast or get a manicure to produce strong healthy nails!

Timing is very important as well; you won’t get the same results if you plant seeds in the winter as in the spring. If you use common sense and the natural energy of the season you will reap optimal results. Each month, the new moon lands in the corresponding Zodiac sign. It benefits us to use the innate energy of each sign to facilitate our wishes.

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs has traits and characteristics that are unique to that sign. Ever heard the saying “king of the jungle”? Enter Leo the lion! The Zodiac signs also correspond to specific areas of our body. If you are having challenges in that area, you can visualize a healing! 

Zodiac Sign                 Traits                                                               Body Part       

Aries                            assertive, courageous, energetic                    head

Taurus                         determined, grounded, sensual                       throat

Gemini                          articulate, flexible, witty                                   hands, lungs

Cancer                         generous, inspired, nurturing                          breasts, stomach

Leo                              creative, enthusiastic, self-confident               back, heart

Virgo                            healthy, helpful, organized,                             bowels, intestines

Libra                            balanced, diplomatic, refined                           adrenal glands, kidneys

Scorpio                         aware, disciplined, passionate                        colon; sexual organs

Sagittarius                   adventurous, friendly, honest,                         hips, thighs, liver

Capricorn                     ambitious, hard working, responsible             bones, knees, skin

Aquarius                      forthright, humanitarian, independent             circulation & lower legs

Pisces                          accepting, intuitive, peaceful                           feet, lymphatic system

There are several wonderful books written on how to harness the energy of the New Moon. My favorite is a book by Jan Spiller, called “New Moon Astrology.” She suggests writing down your intentions within the first eight hours after the occurrence and storing it away. I did it that way for a long time and it is cool to go back and see what you’ve accomplished. But, after 10 years, I decided to simplify the process. Now, I stand outside and verbalize to the universe what I already have! For instance:

If I am starting a new business and I need to get out and network and speak to people about it, I would look to see when the New Moon will be in Gemini. Gemini is blessed with the gift of gab and is a natural networker! So, the best time to kick start it would be on the New Moon of May 13th in Gemini. Instead of writing down that you intend to network, go outside and tell the world what a great networker you already are!

This month the New Moon takes place on March 15 at 2:02 pm Mountain time and resides in Pisces. What a wonderful time for the kick off of One Planet magazine! As One Planet is recognizing our connectedness, so to does Pisces!

This is the perfect time to focus on:

      §      Increasing psychic abilities, experiencing inner happiness, having compassion for others and understanding our connections with one another.

      §     Studying yoga, meditation or angelic guidance.

      §     If you are having health challenges with your feet or your lymphatic system you can tell the universe that you are now experiencing a total healing in those areas.

We are all pretty well versed on the laws of attraction thanks to the movie “The Secret.” We now know that what we think and believe becomes our reality.

Using the power of the New Moon will intensify your ability to manifest that which you desire.

Now get busy creating your wonderful life!

Kathy Metcalf will be writing a monthly column advising on the New Moon energy of the month so you can take advantage of the positive energy of all twelve months!




Katherine Metcalf

Intuitive Consultant




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Inaugural Spirit Channelers’ - World Peace Cruise
Spirituality & Religion
Written by Terra Sonora   
Thursday, 25 March 2010 12:39

Join channelers, lightworkers and peace keepers for a transformational retreat

Out of the blue an angel whispered in my ear, “You are going to create a World Peace Cruise.” I said “Really?” The instructions were clear: “Go on the Internet and look at website names.” I searched and just about fell out of my chair when www.worldpeacecruise.com was actually available! I bought it immediately and within three hours had launched a website for a peace cruise. I sat back in amazement and thought “I guess I AM doing a World Peace Cruise!”


Completely guided by the angels, I am bringing together channelers, healers, light workers and some profound spiritual teachers to co-create a powerful week of personal transformation in the Mexican Riviera. We are sailing from Los Angeles, Calif., on May 16, 2010 on a luxury cruise ship traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

Prices for the seven-day cruise start at only $1,100. The cruise will be a floating spiritual conference with empowering workshops created to evolve your soul and shift the collective consciousness of humanity toward peace.  

We are blessed to be fully supported by The Global Peace Project of Arcos Cielos Research Center, a not-for-profit corporation that shares our vision of world peace via personal spiritual transformation. Ten percent of all proceeds of this cruise will be donated to participating humanitarian organizations. We also intend to purchase some goats and chickens for starving families.


All lightworkers and peace keepers are invited to join us as we bring our consciousness up to a whole new level. The only way we can create world peace is to experience peace within ourselves. Each day will begin with peace prayers, toning, yoga stretches and meditation. The channelers will bring forth messages and energy attunements from interdimensional realms and will address the important issues of 2012 and beyond. We are very excited to present a “Channel Panel” where Interdimensional Beings will be channeled simultaneously to interact with one another and answer questions.  

The Peace Cruise will focus on self-healing, self-discovery and the relentless pursuit of joy! We will let the inner child come out and play as we explore the Mexican Riviera.  This is a powerful year for letting go of the past and moving forward to truly manifest our dreams.  The special workshops offered on these journeys will give you powerful tools to help your personal and spiritual evolution.


I am honored to join internationally known channelers such as Sal Rachele, author of Earth Changes and 2012; Jeffrey Allen, author of Meditations for Conscious Living; Mary Martin, founder of Guided Hands and interdimensional channeler; and presenters such as Dr. Elliott Maynard, author of Transforming the Global Biosphere: Twelve Futuristic Strategies; Daniel Holeman and Linda Delair, who will present on global sustainability; Michael Tucker will offer his insight into spiritually conscious business and much more! We will enjoy a beach day sending our world peace prayers into the ocean to encompass the globe!

Imagine what you will discover as we weave the beauty of Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta with your spirit and the enlightening energies of master channelers. We will create a peace and bring the earth together in spirit.


Our intention is to provide an amazing week of personal and global transformation in beautiful, tropical settings to enlighten your spirit and uplift humanity. Join us as we positively affect the quantum field of realities. Let’s explore our highest potential futures. Let’s dream together... let’s create peace on Earth. Why not?

About Terra Sonora

Terra Sonora, author of “Awakening the Higher Self - a Journey into your Soul” has been a full trance channeler for the Angelic Realm for XX years.  She has led Sedona Sacred Journey Retreats since 1998 and has made more than 38 trips there in the past 16 years She is a spiritual counselor, energy healer, Interfaith Minister and channeler of the angelic realm with her practice located among the majestic red rocks of Sedona, Ariz.

Please go to www. worldpeacecruise.com for more information, or contact Terra Sonora at               928-284-1324

by Terra Sonora



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