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Patricia Federico
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Written by {ga=Geoffrey}   
Monday, 06 June 2011 00:30

Patricia Federico is one of the Southwest's most trusted intuitive experts, stress-management consultants and alternative healers.

She is also the creator of
Madre Tierra Stress-Relief Mist and Nurture Lavender Body Soother, signature formulas which address anxiety and pain through their scent and molecular-nutritive properties.

A trusted advisor to leaders, achievers and people from all walks of life, Patricia focuses on spiritual comfort and insight, emotional healing, anxiety reduction, and pain management.

Her gifts and expertise (garnered over 15 years as a professional healer/empath) make her sessions with people experiencing loss, major life transitions and/or chronic suffering from illness or injury especially effective.

"During our reading, I told Patricia I was thinking about transitioning out of my business into a corporate position in my field.  She told me she felt I would find a very good, secure, meaningful job with opportunity for advancement - approximately 2-3 months after I began looking.  It has been 2 1/2 months since I started my search, and I just got a call from a company with which I've interviewed extensively, for a position just as she described - I got the job!"

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Mental Healing as Part of the Spa and Wellness Experience
Health& & Wellness
Written by Gregoria A. Moran   
Thursday, 25 March 2010 14:05

To use the vernacular from the world of architecture, of which I am a member, the spa experience is ‘designed’ to be a healing transformation of the mind, body and soul. Many alternative healing techniques are being incorporated into today’s conventional medical facilities.  MoranDownes Architecture, for example, recently completed the design of a spa-like cancer care center in Scottsdale, Arizona. This facility will offer many of the services found in day spas including massage therapy, mani-pedi services, hair salon services and even acupuncture.

Offering Psycho- As Well As Massage Therapy

But, what of integrating today’s conventional medicine into spas? In particular, I speak of conventional mental healing approaches. Recently, I visited a wellness resort in Asia with the intention of discovering whether the mind is truly a focus in the healing process. And, while there were massage therapists and body coaches a-plenty, none dealt with the mind.  Many of the issues plaguing those with body and lifestyle imbalances are mind-based.

Prescriptions for the Body and Soul, But None for the Mind

Whether it’s a day spa or a three-, five- or 11-day retreat, a guest will select those activities that will promote better lifestyle choices for the future. Upon completion of a wellness stay, one is likely given the ‘tools’ to take home to make healthier eating choices, e.g. lists of diet pitfalls, healthy recipes, directory of medicinal herbs and produce, etc. In addition, one can experience beginners classes in body enrichment therapies such as nautilus, weight lifting, Thai boxing and Tai Chi. Again, these can be incorporated into one’s lifestyle after the stay.

To connect with the soul, a guest can be introduced to meditation techniques and past-life soul examination.  Upon return, if the individual wants to pursue or improve their meditation techniques, classes are readily available one-on-one, at meditation clinics or salons, at recreation centers and even community colleges.

Root Cause Analysis

In order to alter the imbalance of a person’s body and soul, one must approach the root of the problem — in the mind. It has been hypothesized that the mind/body connection is so strong, it can alter a person’s physical DNA. According to chemist David Hamilton, “There is a whole branch of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology, which studies the effect of thoughts and emotions on our biochemistry. The biochemistry is intimately connected with the DNA, so if these biologichemical components are affected by thoughts and emotions, then thoughts and emotions must also affect our DNA.”

If the mind can modify DNA, it can certainly alter healing progression from a mind condition such as depression. Depression, in varying degrees, can stem from causes relating to physical and/or emotional abuse, grief, stress, and family history to name a few.  The object is to understand and analyze the root cause of the mind condition. Once that is separated, it can be addressed, and real mind/body/soul transformation can take place. This ‘peeling of the onion’ can only be done with the help of a mental health or psycho therapists, those trained in this specialized medical field and equipped to handle the possible side-affects of such introductory in-depth analysis.

Mental Health Therapists as Staff Members

Google ‘psychotherapy and spa’ and you get only a hand full of spas with mental health clinicians on staff, one being Mind-Spas in Sarasota Springs, Florida.  Another is Mineral Essence, a day spa in Newport, Tennessee. Yet another wellness center that combines the Ayurvedic experience with holistic healing is Ayurzona in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Meghana Thanki holds a degree in naturopathic medicine while Dr. Purnima Mehta has a degree in psychiatry.

“It’s relatively easy to introduce the concept of mental health in a spa setting,” says Lena Matheos, a mental health specialist. “During an introductory session, in a relaxed setting like a spa, the guest can start the ball rolling to mental health wellness by learning techniques that are similar to an individual therapy session. These would include eclectic methods to analyze and correct distortions through the method of self-talk. Self-talk allows one to distinguish irrational beliefs, challenge these beliefs, and replace them with rational ones.  The self-talk system gives individuals a great tool to take with them and utilize daily to alter unwanted behavior without the constant need for professional help. Of course, individuals may hit roadblocks or areas in which they get stuck and may need additional assistance in figuring out the original belief that is causing a certain problem, so the door to additional sessions should always be left open and recurring.”

Marketing Potential

Weekly access to a favored clinician is most likely one reason to offer this service in a day spa. Though the potential for repeat clientele is not as likely, the referrals from guests visiting a long-stay retreat can be well worth adding a mental health expert to your staff.  The goal for any long-stay spa resort/retreat should be the prospect for a mind-body-soul transformation. The transformation does not have to be total. It can begin with a stay at the resort. And, at the end of the stay, the guest is handed a prescription for better health including a recommendation to see a mental health specialist that works with their specific emotional issues.

Whether in a day, resort or wellness spa, the mental healing service can truly benefit those in need of a mind makeover. And, presented correctly, it can be a new market niche and cash stream for the spa.  The object is to promote it as a value-added service and part of the holistic experience.

When creating spa spaces, designers include various components from a menu of services to ensure that the visitor’s stay is a healthy, comfortable and memorable experience.  We make certain a healing environment is created with the optimal program, space and landscape plan designed for the guest.  When designing a menu of spa services, similar considerations should be made to ensure the right program is in place for your guest.   Offering mind analysis and healing techniques as part of your spa’s menu list broadens the potential for true healing to take place.  It is a holistic mind, body, soul approach that fosters the promise for an unforgettable experience.

Gregoria A. Moran of Monarch Global Marketing + Design is a consultant for Amy McDonald and Associates This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Story by Gregoria A. Moran


Gregoria A. Moran Bio


“Today, with the incredible amounts of information we’ve gathered from Mother Earth, astonishing tools never before realized and human awareness at its most heightened level, we have an opportunity and capacity to create enriching environments for people and ecosystems … all that’s needed is drive!”

— Gregoria A. Moran

Gregoria has over 19 years experience in the promotions, special events, marketing and publicity for the sustainability, architecture, spa and hospitality markets. Gregoria began her career in public relations in Washington, D.C. marketing for the Environmental Protection Agency and volunteering for United Nations Environment Program and Friends of the Earth. After years in D.C., she moved westward to Scottsdale, Arizona to develop marketing strategies for architectural firms.

Together with founder and architectural visionary A. Paul Moran, Gregoria helped establish Moran Architects as a preeminent leader in sustainable and regenerative design and spa architecture. As president of this world-renowned architectural firm, Gregoria furthered the cause and legacy of Paul Moran, working to find solutions that meet the needs of today’s generation without compromising the requirements of the future.

Today, Gregoria sets her sights on advancing the guiding principal of sustainable design for healthy living in spa and hospitality architecture worldwide. Understanding the incredible benefits of a spa lifestyle, Gregoria concentrates her efforts in promoting sustainable spa existence in the hospitality, health and wellness arenas. And, she remains committed to campaigning for reducing the environmental impact of design while enhancing the living experience through design.

In addition, Gregoria is a leader in brand imaging. She offers full-service marketing and public relations.



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The Power of One: Kickin’ and Crankin’ for Kids and a Cure
Health& & Wellness
Written by {ga=Admin}   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 04:49

The diagnosis of type 1 diabetes for Jack Bonn momentarily stopped his parents Gregg and Heidi Rheingold-Bonn in their tracks. And as the energy of any process would have it, it’s become a journey — at times, even an adventure.

A new adventure started hatching when Coach Alex Sachs met Jack and his parents at summer camp, where she coached kids as part of her Itty Bitty Sports program. To support Jack, Alex walked with Jack’s team, called Jack’s Pack, in the 2009 JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Walk to Cure Diabetes.

After that, Alex decided she wanted to do more.

Mind you, Alex is a big thinker. She’s also a world-class athlete, having won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympic Games with the Brazilian women’s soccer team and a gold medal in the 2007 Pan American Games. So what does doing more mean to her? This summer, Alex is going to bike across America to raise money for the JDRF.

Alex is calling her ride Kickin’ and Crankin’ for Kids and a Cure. In August 2010, she’ll begin in San Diego, California and pedal across the country to Atlantic City, New Jersey. She’ll ride 8-10 hours a day for 45 days, traveling 3,500 miles from start to finish. Along the way, she’ll teach Soccersize (soccer + exercise) classes to youth and their families to promote health and fitness education and raise awareness about type 1 diabetes.

A lot was given to me and I feel a responsibility to give back,” says Alex. “I’m committed to offering a program that’s engaging, interactive and fun — both on the fields and on the courts. I want kids to take a break from their video games and join their families. I want them to come out to run, jump and play with other kids — family style,” adds Coach Alex, who believes that education about type 1 diabetes and the integration of fitness is a critical first step toward a healthier community of children and their families.

To keep expenses down, Alex will camp overnight at the local Jewish Community Centers (JCC) across her route.

Sachs has taught fitness, tennis and soccer at various Jewish Community Center locations throughout Arizona since 2003. The JCC has invited Alex to stay overnight at their facilities through her ride. Her stops at local JCCs will give her the opportunity to promote fitness across the country. After biking all day, the JCC will invite youth to attend Coach Alex’s Soccercize class.

“I’ll teach the kids and their families about type 1 diabetes. By the time my ride is over, I’ll have stopped at more than 10 JCC community centers to work with children and their families,” says Alex.

Proceeds from the Kickin’ and Crankin’ tour will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. JDRF’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.

 For more information, follow Coach Alex at

 For more info on JDRF, call               602-224-1800         602-224-1800 or visit 


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