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Have you ever asked the question, “What’s my purpose?” Did you get an answer that brought you pain, or one that brought you joy? I, myself, have experienced each type of answer when I’ve asked that question of my own life. The answer I received that brought me pain actually brought me that pain because I was asking the question without knowing that I could actually choose the answer for myself. It was only when I discovered that the choice was mine that I began recognizing just how joyful my life — and my interpretation of the answer to that question — could be.

I can remember being a very small child and asking of my life, “Why did I have to be born if this is the way my life has to be?” I began asking that question when I was about five, and I continued asking it right on into my teen and adult years. I was still asking that same question at the age of 34, at which time it was quite obvious to me that I was going to be dead at the hands of the man that I loved long before I could reach the age of 40, and I looked upon that certainty with a feeling of relief that I would soon be put out of my misery. I just thought that it was too bad that the manner of my death was probably going to be incredibly painful.

During the first 34 years of my life, when I would ask of the universe, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” The answer I would get was always along the lines of, “You were put on this planet to suffer. You are not meant to be happy or do anything meaningful with your life, so don’t even bother to try.” And that was exactly how I lived my life — wishing I could accomplish something good, while not believing it was possible, so never even making an effort. I had no idea that I was creating my own results. I believed that my life hated me, and I lived those years hating both myself and my life.

Then one day, in the summer of my 34th year of just surviving a seemingly meaningless life, I made the discovery that I could choose another way of looking at life. I discovered that I was the only person on the planet who had any power to change the way my life was, and the only way I was going to be able to do that was going to have to be changing the way I looked at — and experienced — my life. I began making that change with one thought in particular. I let go of thinking, “I wish my life could be different. It’s too bad it can’t.” And began thinking, “There’s got to be a better way for me to live than this.” And along with that thought, I gave myself an incredibly powerful and profound gift, which was the willingness to believe that the thought could be true.

I stayed in that thought for several weeks, and I continued to be willing to believe it even though nothing changed in my experience of my life. And then, after about five weeks of just allowing myself to think it and believe it, my “better way” presented itself to me in the form of a program that I just “happened” to come across on television. In that program I discovered the power of personal choice and what being responsible for my own results, ugly as they seemed to be, could do for me.  In that program (Mary Manin Morrissey’s Building Your Dream), I discovered several tools that I thought I could use to improve my life. Little did I know that I would end up completely changing my whole life!

So, what does all this have to do with purpose? That experience happened 11 years ago, and I am now a very different person from who I was then. My life has expanded in incredible ways in all directions, and I have come to some conclusions regarding “purpose.” It has come to be my belief that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I deliberately (yes, deliberately!) chose to be born into this particular life. I believe that every single painful and horrific thing I experienced as a child, teenager, and young adult were a part of me living my purpose. If it weren’t for those things I would never have been inspired to look for a better way or to grow as a person, and I wouldn’t be experiencing the joy-full life that I am living today.

I’ve been paying attention to this lately in the midst of what I’m experiencing right now (and some of it IS painful), and what I know is this: Every minute of every day I am living what I came into this life to live, and whether I suffer in it, or not, is completely up to me. Probably the biggest lesson I have learned is that I can live my purpose consciously, with the intention of learning the lessons that are inherent in whatever I happen to be experiencing and using what I learn to expand my own life and benefit the world.  Or I can live my Purpose unconsciously, wishing for my life to be different while at the same time continuously creating the same experiences over and over again. And the experience does not care one bit how many times it has to repeat itself before I’m willing to learn the lesson. And when I’ve learned the lesson, I’ll have a deeper knowing of my true purpose.

What would the world be like if we were to practice living consciously, asking the question of every experience, “What’s my purpose in this?” with the intention of finding anything and everything that we could use to expand our lives into the joy that is, I believe, the core purpose of every person on this planet?

Sandra Daly is a woman who took an incredibly painful history and transformed it into a teaching tool. She is the author of two books, Choose Your Universe and Pop Your Paradigm!, and she has created and presented various workshops and programs around the state of Arizona. It is her passion to assist people in recognizing (and neutralizing) the subconscious programming that keeps them “stuck.” She lives in Arizona and is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

By Sandra Daly



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